Where Useless Advice Breeds Counseling

Do you need advice? Advice that only a person pretending to be a celebrity
could answer for entertainment purposes only?
Then you've come to the correct place: GrudgeLine.
Here at GrudgeLine, we've assembled a cracked staff to solved your daily problems.
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Classic GrudgeLine (i.e. from the newsletter) - "Fun 'n' names" "Mad Labs" "Stop! Hamster time!" and "Cubical Cuticles"

October 2003 - "Moving on out" and "Ferreting out commercial gain"

November 2003 - "A new home" and "Suggestion question, what's the best one?"

December 2003 - "Bury me not" and ""Are you ready for the play-offs?

January 2004 - "I didn't skip four years of medical school to have you help yourself" and "Asia on my mind"

February 2004 - "Do You Read Me? Over" and "Beanie Babbles"

March 2004 - "The '50s Way to Leave Your Web Site" and "Hi-YA! How ya' doing?"

April 2004 - "Auction or Action?" and "20 Questions: Solved!"

May 2004 - "Just in Time for Swimsuit Season" and "HELLO CLEAVAGE!"

June 2004 - "Wait! There's a June Now, Too?" and "When Did That Happen?"

July 2004 - "Mall Directory" and "Too Bad I've Never Seen CSI: Miami"

August 2004 - "Advice Writers Who Live In Glass Houses" and "These Prices are CAR-A-ZEE!!"

September 2004 - "Mount Great Honk" and "Lumbering Poetry"

October 2004 - "Where's Jim Rockford When You Need Him?" and "Where's Bill Engvall When You Need Him?"

February 2005 - "It's the End of the World as We Know it", "Harriet, h0t st0ckadv1ce 4u", "Wait, It's not the End of the World as We Know it"

March 2005 - "I Will Not Steal Lines from Television Shows" and "GrudgeLine Will Stop Referring to Itself in the Third Person"

July 2005 - "Wondering Powers: Activate" and "If I Have to Warn You That This is a Spoiler ..."

January 2006 - "Computer Driver" and "Can You Type This Now?"

April 2006 - "Booking it to the Game" and "I'd Best Start Repenting Now"

Please send your question to

GrudgeLine: Where Useless Advice Breeds Counseling

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