Re: Jason v. Freddy

I just want to say to all those haters out there who think that Freddy can not get the job done you can kiss my butt. You can not beat Freddy and niether can Jason. Jason has no balls. He always attacks at night and if he does attack in the day he hides. Freddy will attack whenever your head hits the pillow. He is not scared at all. Freddy is an in your face kind of guy. If Freddy does hide it is because he wants to jump out and scare you so bad that you boo boo on yourself. I am calling out all of you Freddy haters out because you know Jason SUCKS!!!!! Freddy does not always attack in your dreams if you knew your Freddy trivia like I do you would know that in "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" that Freddy entered into the real world. Freddy can take Jason anytime any place with any weapons. If you really knew your trivia then you would know that when Freddy was human he beat people up on a regular bases just because he was demented. Jason can not handle the bows that Freddy throws. So dont come to me with that Freddy only attacks in the dreams crap because Freddy aint no punk. Jason needs some skills because he cant hang with Freddy no better than he can play hockey. I dont appreciate haters like you guys. Freddy Krueger was a master in the making. Freddy Krueger was a low budget movie and it was still a hit. While you guys are hating I see that you all went to see the movie and those that followed. So dont get me started on how you misjudge Freddy because Jason is just a wannabe. His movies are so predictable. Well that is the least I can say to defend Freddy's honor and certainly not the last.

- To All The Freddy Haters

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