The Greys

August 17, 1997

Hi, my name's Steve too, and I have what I think would be a close, good match. The Independence Day grey aliens (they're termed 'greys' due to their general appearance) vs. the Death Star. I don't know if you need reasons, but I think I'll give you some, just in case - actually, these are things you probably wouldn't know, and that you got wrong in the last ID4 vs. Borg match: First of all, the greys would not move their 'mothership' right next to the death star, and probably not on the side with the death-ray, either. Second of all, the mothership has 88 destroyer bays on the bottom, they only sent 36 of the destroyers to earth in the actual movie. Third, each destroyer contains 400 attacker craft, whick multiplies out to 35,200 attackers, and that's only the ones from the destroyers. Fourth of all, there are 3 types of grey aliens, type A is about 3-4 feet tall, they are the hostile kind. Type B greys are 7-8 feet tall, less hostile, and create the technologies that we would call miracles. Type C is about 4-5 feet tall, and also hostile. (that's VERY in-general.) What it all comes down to is - one destroyer could set off the shockwave of fire and totally annihilate the death star - there are 88 destroyers. gee, I wonder who's gonna win?? Also, a load of attackers from 1 destroyer could completely destroy the death star because their shields are im-penetrable. Then, there's the case of the aliens actually meeting a human, and the damage done by the human, (if any before the alien pops his skull,) would simply be done to the alien bio-suit, not the actual alien. And even then, that's just the stuff from the bottom of the mothership, you have no idea what else they have to unleash from the insides of the rest of the ship. However, on the side of the death star... um, well, Darth Vader does do some mind tricks, too. Anyways, besides what I wrote, I think that would make a good match, I just felt I needed to educate you guys on the grey aliens before ou set up the last match, which was poorly designed.


P.S. The reason Levinson was able to break into the advanced alien systems is that the aliens adjusted their technology to use the same system as earths, therefore eliminating the need to send out their own sattelites. The greys added their 0/1 technology to their systems to make them compatible with earth, and set their signal wavelength to match the signals of earth, so that getting a simple lock on the singal would be impossible. Also, among the various technologies developed by thetype B greys is the ability to re-arrange molecular structures of items, therefore being able to 'melt' wood, turn the deathstar metals into a liquid, and much, much more. Please keep these things in mind when setting the mood for the battle.

P.P.S. Yes, I am a diehard Independence Day fan, and I could tell you tons more about the greys if you wanted me to.

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