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GROUND ZERO'S TITLE: Got SPF 2,000,000,000?

As you might have guessed (especially since the logo is on the front page and his name is featured in the Links section), this logo proved to be the winner of the contest. Ironically, it was also the first entry that we received. It only goes to show that the old saying "The early bird catches the worm" does actually apply in real life sometimes. Whether or not Aaron is all that thrilled with all those worms I will leave as an exercise of the reader. In any case, it barely won the vote over the runner-up (which is on the next page).

Also, if you are paying attention, you will notice that the final logo has a few additional features from the original that we received (including the crosshairs, inspired by Chris "Jedi" Knight's submission). We would like to thank Ron Dunlap for making some last minute additions for us free of charge. Thanks, Ron!

Got SPF 2,000,000,000?

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